Home Built Beach Cart ( always follow general Safety precautions)

This Blog is for sharing my Beach Cart construction process.

It will Include Photos, Design, BOM, and some construction issues and problems.

I used Wheeleez wheels, Speedy Metals,  Sports Authority, and Home Depot as my vendors.  Part Numbers are supplied when available.

Tools : Hacksaw, Rivet gun, Drill and bits, Hand Tools, Vice.

I built it because my son and I fish SGI quite often and the entire family loves going to the beach.  The sand of the Florida Panhandle is like sugar and most carts just can’t handle it.  A store purchased fishing cart would have worked, but lacked the sandablity of mine.

BOM (Bill of Materials)

Wheeleez Wheels           VXYA9C15F509

Description:        Item:1
- Qty:2, (BC – 120) 16.5 Inch Gray Wheel – 1 Inch Bearing

1/8″ {A} x 3/4″ {B} x 3/4″ {C} Angle 6061-T6
Aluminum, Extruded-18″       QTY  4  SKU: 61a.125x.75-18

1/8″ {A} x 1″ {B} 6061-T6511 Aluminum, Extruded-24″     QTY 6    SKU: 61f.125×1-24

1″ {A} Rd 6061-T6511 Aluminum, Extruded-48″    SKU: 61r1-48   QTY 1

3/4″ {A} Rd 6061-T6511 Aluminum, Extruded-48″    QTY 2 SKU: 61r.75-48

1-1/4″ OD {A} x 1.010″ ID {B} x .120″ Wall
{C} Tube 6061-T6 Aluminum-24″              QTY  1

SKU: t61r1.25x.120-24

1″ {A} x 1-1/2″ {B} x .125″ Wall {C} Rect.
Tube 6063-T52 Aluminum-36″     QTY 2

SKU: t63r1x1.5x.125-36

Jet Shed Jr          1

Rivets    Box of 50

Spring   1

Eye bolts for Bungie Cords           6

2″ by 1/4″ Bolt   1

Nylock Nuts        2

Washers              2

Ubolts 1 & 1/4 by 2.5 inches   QTY 2

Kick Stand Redesign

I had to redesign the Kick Stand because the aluminum would have been over stressed making some of the bends.  I used rivets to put it together.  On the bottom I have over sized the foot to keep it from sinking into the sand.  This over sized aluminum piece is not in the BOM.  I just had it laying around.  The Kick Stand will have the spring on it to hold it up when being pulled.

Axle and Axle Carrier

The axle is designed to use an axle carrier which is 1.25″ x 39″ x .12″ thick tubing.  I did this so that I can remove the axle and place the cart in a car trunk or the back end of an SUV.  This way the tires come off and the axle is pulled out to decrease the footprint.

Kick Stand Setup

Assume the wood board is the frame of the Cart.  I had to add an offset for the Spring.  The Spring keeps the kick stand in the up position.  A bolt will extend through the frame in front of the kick stand to be the front stopper.  The stopper will keep the stand from just folding forward when under load.

Last post with Pics

There were alot of adjustments in the design to make it stronger.  I took pics of the frame and the underside.  I also used PVC pipe as bushings on the axle so that I would not have the plastic wheel hubs rubbing on the axle carrier which is metal.  Good luck if you are building a cart.